A Pristine, Clean Bird Cage in 6 Steps

Birds are delicate creatures that are sensitive to both chemicals and unsanitary environments. Because of this, it is important to keep your bird's cage clean at all times. Daily cleaning is a necessity. It helps keep both you and your bird happy, and it prevents the spread of diseases such as psittacosis.

Cage-Cleaning Steps:

  1. Take your bird out of the cage and place him in a safe area where he will not be exposed to cleaning fumes. Birds are especially susceptible to airborne chemicals and can easily become sickened.
  2. Remove all objects from the cage, including bowls, toys, and old paper cage liners. Never skip removing the cage liners, even if you are in a hurry.
  3. Soak the food and water dishes in hot, soapy water or sanitize them in your dishwasher. While they are soaking, clean the cage with a bird-safe disinfectant. Remove stuck-on feces and other debris with a small brush. After the bird cage has been cleaned and dried, place a clean paper liner at the bottom.
  4. Finish cleaning the food and water bowls, dry them, fill them and put them back into the bird cage.
  5. Put your bird back into the cage, but be sure to check the water dish throughout the day. Clean it again if you see any debris has fallen into the water.
  6. Once a week, take the cage into the bathtub or shower to give it a more thorough cleaning. Use a bird-safe sanitizing product on it, but as always, keep the bird away from the fumes as you clean.