Ailing Pet Bird? Lessen the Stress of a Vet Visit

Like any family pet, birds need to be seen by a veterinarian throughout their lives. A trip to the doctor’s office can quickly become a source of stress for your pet bird. There are a few things you can do to help put your bird at ease, so he or she can get the medical attention necessary to live a happy and healthy life.

Reducing your bird's stress 
The following tips can help the experience with the vet be a positive one for you, your bird and the doctor:

  • Choose a secure carrier for transportation. This will not only prevent your bird from escaping, but will also help to keep him or her safe. A cardboard box will suffice for one-time use, but your bird could still peck at it and create an escape route, so you’ll have to be extra alert if you choose this option. The best option is an appropriate sized cat carrier. You can line the carrier’s bottom with paper towels and millet spray and place a blanket over the top to create a warmer and more calming effect.
  • Transport your bird in a vehicle. This is the safest and quietest way to get your pet to the doctor.
  • You can uncover your bird’s carrier, but be sure to keep him or her inside after being checked in at the vet office.
  • Talk to your bird to help reassure him or her while you're waiting to be seen and throughout the visit.

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