Avian Accessories: Improving Your Bird Cage’s Ambience

Having a healthy and happy pet bird of any species requires the maintenance of ambience in their space. Birds need to be stimulated with certain accessories and "decoration" in their cage. In fact, birds need specific varieties of accessories for their health and entertainment.

For example, there are different avian accessories for psittaciformes and passerines, two different bird categories. Psittaciformes, more commonly known as parrots, cockatoos, parakeets, need to be stimulated with certain toys and accessories for interaction, mental stimulation, and exercise. Passerines, also known as "perching birds", a category that includes more than half of all birds, need a specific set of accessories as well, designed for them to rest upon, play with, and explore. 

Here are some accessories for consideration in order to achieve the appropriate cage ambience:

  • Rope bird perch: These are perfect for bird nails, especially if your avian friend likes to climb and explore.
  • Wooden bird perch: Perfect for psittaciformes because of how much space they require to climb around and balance.
  • Bird toys: Even birds need to nurture their mental health, and having interactive bird toys with bells, mirrors, and points of interest are perfect to keep them learning and curious.
  • Hanging bird beds: Yes, some birds need a bed to sleep in, and many beds can be suspended within a cage, allowing your bird a comfortable place to rest and relax.