Beyond Bird Seed: A Well-Rounded Diet for Your Avian Friend

While you will inevitably feed your bird plenty of bird seed — it's a vital component of a bird's diet, after all — it's also important that you include other foods to encourage overall health. In the wild, birds eat a wide array of fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts and seeds. To help ensure that your feathery friend’s nutritional requirements are being met, there are several key things you should always keep in mind.

Tips for feeding your pet bird:

  • Discard uneaten food and clean your bird’s feeding dishes daily in hot, soapy water.
  • Commercial seed blends can be a great source of daily nutrition. Just make sure you check the guaranteed analysis and nutritional statement on the back of the package to ensure your bird is receiving a diet with complete nutrition.
  • A well-rounded bird diet includes fruit, vegetables and bird seed. From time to time, you can also reward your well-behaved bird with treats.
  • Give your bird more vegetables than you do fruit, due to the higher caloric content of fruit.
  • Orange and dark green plants have a lot of vitamin A, which is particularly beneficial for birds’ health.
  • Simplify the process of feeding your bird fruit and vegetables by preparing them for him or her at the same time you prepare your own. Birds can eat a lot of the same produce that humans do.
  • Never feed your pet bird any of the following: chocolate, caffeine or alcohol; raw dairy products; raw mushrooms; rhubarb; raw onions; persimmons; apple seeds or fruit pits; salty foods; peanuts; junk food; beef; or avocado.

Birds are natural foragers. Foraging helps to keep them mentally stimulated and happy. You can make meal times even more exciting by placing toy and treats in different spots each time they're given, weaving plant foods through the bars of his or her cage and hiding food in toys.

Always consult your veterinarian before changing or adding elements to your bird's diet. We strive to help bird owners better understand their feathery friends and improve their quality of life.