In nature, birds love to splash around in water,  so it’s no wonder that a bird bath could delight your feathery friend. Birds preen themselves during bath time, which helps them keep their feathers clean and free of dirt. The activity also seems to relax them and leave them feeling content. While it isn’t an absolute necessity that your bird bathes himself, if it's something he or she enjoys doing, the benefits make it worthwhile for you to provide your pet with regular bath times.

Bird bath tips 
The following tips can help make bath time a success with your pet bird:

  • You can use objects like a big, shallow bowl or your kitchen sink for your bird’s bath. Fill it up with about 2 inches of tepid water. You can also lightly mist your bird to help get him or her start preening. Some birds may simply bathe in their water dish.
  • Although a bird bath can help keep your beaky friend happy and healthy, not every bird relishes getting wet. Rainstorms have been known to trigger the desire for them to bathe, and you can use such an opportunity to make your bird more comfortable with it. He or she may then come to enjoy baths anytime.
  • Your bird will dry off on his or her own while continuing the preening process. Just make sure to provide a warm area with no drafts. If it’s cold outside, you can allow your bird to dry off and preen in a steamy, warm bathroom.
  • As long as your tap water is safe for human consumption, it's okay for you to use for your bird’s baths. If not, you can use bottled spring water. However, distilled water is not recommended.
We aim to help bird owners better understand their feathery friends, so they can  provide them with the best lives possible.