Choosing the Best Pet Bird For You and Your Household

Whether you’ve owned a pet bird in the past or this is your first time welcoming a feathered friend into your family, the species you choose is an important one. Things like temperament, size and care requirements should be strongly considered. Are they social, or do they prefer to be left alone? And how does that fit in with your lifestyle and preferences? By taking the time to carefully evaluate which bird is right for you, you can help ensure that both you and your beaky friend will live enriched and fulfilling lives.

Facts about different species
The following are all birds that tend to be relatively easy to care for, and are fairly priced.


  • Lively birds that don’t like to be handled too much.
  • Their twittering is considerably quieter than other species.
  • Like to live with other finches, but will require an adequately sized cage when in groups.


  • A popular choice due to the fact that they love to be handled and petted.
  • Are small parrots that can be seen in more color variations than the typical grey with orange cheek patches.
  • Good pet for families with small children who know how to be gentle.

Pionus parrots

  • Are a medium sized pet bird—they're not too big and not too small.
  • They're not extremely loud birds and are generally much calmer than others.
  • Are capable of learning a few phrases, but aren’t known for having large vocabularies.

Peach-faced lovebirds

  • Known for being attractive, energetic and playful.
  • Are not too loud, but have been known to learn a few phrases.
  • When given consistent attention, they learn to love being held, and to show affection.

Parakeets (budgies)

  • When parakeets are well loved and cared for, these birds can become very affectionate companions.
  • Come in a variety of colors.
  • Although they have quiet voices, they can be quite talkative.

We hope to empower bird owners with the knowledge they need to give their feathery friends the best lives possible.