Cleaning the Bird Cage: How Not to Stress Over the Mess

While bird owners may love spending time with their feathery family members, cleaning up the ol’ bird cage is usually another story. A clean cage is essential for your pet's health and well-being, as well as the health of you and the people you live with. While it can feel like an arduous task, there are some easy things you can do to simplify the process and make it go faster. Plus, by doing so, you and your bird will get to spend more of the enjoyable type of time together.

Tips for cleaning the bird cage
Your bird’s cage and the surrounding area will likely become quickly littered with the bird's food and droppings. The four following tips can help alleviate some frustrations  associated with keeping things spick-and-span: 

  • Moist food and dirty water bowls can promote the growth of bacteria and fungi, as well as attract insects that may transmit harmful illnesses to your bird. Thus, bird bowls should be cleaned daily. If you feed your bird things like fruit, veggies or anything else that's wet, you can do so at the same time that you eat. Cleaning your bird's bowls  as you clean your own dishes is a healthy habit that you should begin practicing early on. Make things go even faster by preparing your fruits and veggies, and your bird’s,  at the same time.
  • Line the bottom of the cage with newspaper — never glossy or colored pages — and change the paper every day.
  • Purchase clear vinyl carpet protectors that you can place beneath the cage. They have non-slip grips  on the bottom to keep them securely in place. With your carpet guarded, you can quickly sweep or wipe away messes and disinfect on a weekly basis.
  • Even with all these things in place, there will usually  still be some debris lying around the cage. To speed up the cleaning process, use a hand-held vacuum, or if your bird is bothered by the noise of a vacuum, try using a mechanical brush sweeper.

It’s our mission to help bird owners enrich their feathery friends' lives through knowledge.