My Bird Wants to Play What Are The Best Toy Choices

Birds are intelligent, social creatures and they require lots of stimulation and playtime. You can easily provide them with hours of fun even while caged when you’re away from home by filling their cage with enriching, enthralling, and safe toys.

However, finding the perfect toys for your bird isn’t as simple as walking up to a pet store and grabbing the first bird toys you see. Different birds will benefit from different toys. A too-small toy can break and be swallowed by a big parrot, while a too-big toy can trap a smaller bird and cause injuries.

Whatever the size or breed of your bird, it’s important to provide a wide variety of toys that have different textures, colors, tastes, sizes, and sounds to create a stimulating environment in your bird’s cage. Also, be sure to add puzzle toys to challenge your bird mentally.

If you have a parakeet, a cockatiel, or a similarly sized small bird, look for wooden toys. Rope toys are also good choices for small birds, as long as the robe is thick enough that your bird won’t easily tangle or choke. Plastic balls and bell pieces are safe for smaller birds as well.

Medium-sized birds, such as conures and amazons, will enjoy durable toys that provide them with hours of chewing fun.

Large parrots, like African Greys and cockatoos, have powerful beaks that can tear through plastic toys, so stay away from these! Try strong toys that can withstand your bird’s beak, such as tough sisal rope, thick wood pieces, and coconut shells.

Just like people, birds have different personalities and that should be considered when you’re shopping for bird toys. Get to know your pet and play with it often. Test out various bird toys with your pet. You’ll get a better idea of the types of bird toys that your particular bird enjoys the most!