Pet birds can make great companions and enrich your life, but there’s much more to owning birds then keeping their cages clean and providing them with a play area. Birds are intelligent creatures, and for your bird to truly thrive, it's vital that he or she is mentally stimulated on a regular basis. Learn about a few simple ways you can fight bird boredom with toys and fun activities. This will not only help you and your pet bird bond, but will help ensure that your bird lives a happy and healthy life.

Keeping your pet bird entertained

  • Change their toys - Keep a box of toys for your bird so you can switch up which ones are in his or her cage and play area every couple of weeks. This will help keep things fresh and mentally stimulating.
  • Spend bonding time every day with your bird - Even a few minutes of handling can help you develop a stronger connection  and mutual trust with your bird. It also provides an opportunity for you to notice any abnormalities as you become more familiar with your bird’s anatomy.
  • Teach your bird some tricks - It's a great way to keep your bird on his or her toes, and it’s also great bonding time. Your pet will be eager to earn treats for his or her efforts, and you’ll both be delighted as new things are learned. 
  • Feed your bird a variety of foods - Meal times will always keep your bird happy, especially if you offer a diverse range of options. In the wild, birds will eat a diverse range of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. By including such foods in his or her diet, you'll make sure that your bird is healthier and more content. There are also foraging toys available to help keep your bird stimulated for hours.

It’s our goal to equip bird owners with the knowledge they need to improve the lives of their feathery friends.