Teach Your Parrot To Talk With These Tips

Believe it or not, parrots are naturally vocal creatures who’ll communicate with just about anyone. The parrot’s natural affinity for vocalization makes it a great candidate for speech. With a bit of patience and constant teaching, your bird may be able to find its voice and talk to its heart’s content. The following tips can help you bring out the chatter in your parrot:

First and foremost, make sure your bird is situated in a comfortable and healthy environment.

  • Start with simple words. Words like "hi," "hello" and "goodbye" are simple words your bird can quickly learn. Repetition is critical, so you'll need to say these words many times a day until your pet starts saying your desired word.
  • Give your parrot praise and treats as it learns. As soon as you hear the desired words, shower your parrot with praise and attention. This way, he or she will associate this with talking and you will encourage the behavior.
  • Gradually add words to its vocabulary. As soon as your bird masters its first word, slowly add new words to its vocabulary through repetition and positive reinforcement.
  • Use plenty of emotion and enthusiasm. Parrots are more likely to learn words if they’re said in a cheerful tone.
  • Keep it clean. Once your bird finds its voice, be aware that it’ll pick up just about any word. That includes profanity, angry words and other undesirable language.

Many of the strategies for teaching parrots how to talk are similar to how we teach our children to speak. Although parrots are capable of learning how to talk, not all will actually learn human speech. There’s no guarantee that your parrot will talk and you shouldn’t be tempted to trade or abandon your bird it doesn't learn to talk. Keep in mind that a well-cared for bird makes for a happy speaker.