The Best of Best Bird Cage Accessories

If you decide to adopt a bird, you need more than a cage and some bird seed to keep him or her happy and healthy. Here are the top avian accessories to include in your bird’s living space.

  • Cage liners: It’s easy to freshen up the cage each day when you can simply pull off the top liner and reveal a fresh one underneath. Various sizes allow you to choose liners that fit your cage perfectly.
  • Cage covers: Help your bird fall sleep and calm him in times of stress by covering the cage with a lightweight, washable cloth. Choose a fabric that won’t fray to ensure safety.
  • Rope perches: Rope offers a soft place for your feathered friend to perch, relieving foot stress and preventing sores. Rope is also bendable so you can install the perch exactly where you want it.
  • Concrete perches: This material is a natural nail and beak trimmer. With a variety of sizes to choose from, you can find the ideal perch for your bird’s size. Choose multiple types of perches to give your bird the variety they need.
  • Door skirts: The purpose of a door skirt is to catch droppings when your bird perches on the inside or outside of an open cage door. This eliminates the need for newspapers or mats below the cage that often simply end up spreading the mess around, especially if you have a dog or other curious pet.
  • Cage lock: A bird-proof, child-proof lock keeps your feathered friend safely in their cage.
  • Crock Loc dishes: If your bird is notorious for tipping or throwing her dishes, choose Crock Loc accessories that attach to the cage bars and prevent a huge mess. Make sure you also supply water for your bird either in a dish or a water bottle made for rodents. If you choose the latter, make sure your bird knows how to drink from it.