Ferrets vs. Other Pets: Friend or Foe?

Ferrets can make for enjoyable and playful pets. However, that playfulness doesn't always mix well with other animals. Before introducing a ferret into your home or bringing a new pet home to meet your ferret, it's important to know what types of animals a ferret is most likely to get along with. 

Natural Foes

Ferrets are meat-eaters. In the wild, they hunt for their food and eat a diverse diet that consists of rodents, reptiles, birds, and rabbits. The ferret's hunter instinct has been tapered over the years through domestication, but a ferret may still view any of these types of pets as prey. Even if the ferret isn't being aggressive, it's energetic style of play could be too stressful or aggressive for a smaller animal to tolerate.

When considering whether to introduce a ferret and a smaller animal, it's helpful to think of the ferret as a cat. If you wouldn't put the smaller animal in the same room as a cat, you probably shouldn't put it near a ferret.

Natural Friends

Speaking of cats, they often make the best playmates for ferrets. Ferrets and cats tend to have similar play styles and interact well with each other. If the cat feels threatened or doesn't want to play, it can usually protect itself by jumping to a level that the ferret can't reach. Of course, you should fully understand each animal's temperament and play style before making the introduction.

Dogs - Friend or Foe?

Dogs and ferrets may play well together, but it is heavily dependent on the temperament of each animal. Introductions should be made slowly, and the dog needs to understand that the ferret is a member of the family. By including the ferret in family playtime and feeding the dog and the ferret at the same time, the dog will begin to view the ferret as a fellow pack-member. 

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