Gerbils: A Good Choice for a Child's Pet

When you are looking for a pet for your child, gerbils are always worth considering! These small and friendly mammals are especially ideal for older children who understand the importance of handling pets gently and who are ready to take on a responsibility. In return for good care, your child will enjoy watching the gerbil playing or enjoying treats.

Additionally, gerbils make wonderful pets for the following reasons:

  • Active during the day  Gerbils are typically diurnal, meaning active during the light hours, rather than nocturnal. Your child will be able to interact with a pet that is playful and frisky during the day and is typically quiet at night.
  • Gentleness – Most of these small mammals are meek and gentle and will not bite your child.
  • Lessons in responsibility – A gerbil’s small size and dependence on the owner for basics such as food, water, and a clean cage give a child many opportunities to develop more care-taking responsibility.    
  • Require little space – Unlike large dogs, gerbils require no yard for exercise or play and can easily transition from house to apartment living. The gerbil’s cage can easily be kept in the child’s bedroom.
  • Easy care – Although a gerbil requires daily care, it has small-scale and easy requirements. Your child will need to change the gerbil’s food daily and make sure the dishes are clean. The water bottle will need to be kept clean and filled, and old bedding and waste products must be removed from the cage. Once a week, the cage should be cleaned and sanitized using a cleaning product that is safe for small animals.