Pet Rats: Intelligent, Affectionate and Sociable

Rats are highly intelligent, social creatures. While they sometimes get a bad rap, the truth is that rats can make great pets. They're easy to care for and their upkeep isn’t very expensive. Pet rats are considered the friendliest of all rodent pets, and if handled and loved regularly, can become quite affectionate companions. This also makes them a great choice for children who understand how to be gentle with small animals. If you're thinking about welcoming a pet rat into your family, you should first be aware of some basic care facts. Being informed will help you provide the best life possible for your new pet and will make the experience more enjoyable for you as well.

Facts about rats
Rats typically live between 2 and 3 years. They're social and do best in single-sex pairs. Groups can work well too, provided that they have adequate space. Since they're nocturnal, your pet rat will be most active in the evenings. There are numerous varieties of rats, which can be found  in a multitude of colorsand with a variety of markings on their fur. They're known for being sweet pets and may even snuggle with you.

Basic care for pet rats

  • Rats should be fed commercial rat mix and dry dog biscuits, along with an occasional treat of fruit and vegetables.
  • Pet rats need time outside of their cages daily. At least an hour of supervised play/exploration time is recommended to keep rats well exercised, socialized and stimulated
  • A rat’s cage should be large enough for the critter to move about freely and not feel cramped. Space must be made for food dishes and bedding, and additional space must be provided when there are multiple rats living in one cage.
  • Rats need things to chew on, like wood blocks. Objects in the cage, such as ladders, platforms and tunnels will provide your rat with endless sources of exercise and stimulation.

We believe that by providing you with tips, insights, and knowledge about pet care, you'll be empowered to improve the lives of your furry friends.