Your Pet Rabbit and Playtime: Get the Most Out of It

Rabbits make very enjoyable pets, largely because they're inquisitive and enjoy interacting with humans. While a pet rabbit will spend much of its time in its crate or cage, it's a good idea to get the rabbit out at least once a day for play time. Regular play time outside the cage will help the rabbit become more social and friendly with humans and will keep the rabbit sharp and healthy.

Every rabbit is different, so it's important to know your rabbit and its preferences so you can engage it in the appropriate type of play. While some rabbits like to be held and handled, others prefer to be left alone. Some rabbits enjoy being taken for walk on a harness while other rabbits will do anything in their power to escape the dreaded leash. Some rabbits will even scratch if they don't feel like playing or leaving their crate. If that's the case, simply try to play again when the rabbit is in a more agreeable mood.

When it comes to actual playtime, there are a number of games that a pet rabbit is likely to enjoy. Hide-and-seek or "find the rabbit" is always a popular choice. Rabbits usually like hiding under things like blankets and boxes or inside pet tunnels. If you play this game enough, you may find that the rabbit starts looking for you.

Another popular rabbit game is follow-the-leader. You can lead the rabbit on a path through your house or yard. You can make the game more interesting by purchasing toys, blocks, or tunnels from your local pet store.

It's also fun to let the rabbit decide what to play. You can learn a lot about your rabbit by simply sitting with it on the floor and engaging it. The rabbit may end up showing you what games and types of play it enjoys.