Sanded Perch Covers

Wild Harvest® brand is dedicated to providing products that promote balanced nutrition and enrichment for birds and small animals. A full range of nutrition and interactive products helps promote a healthy, happy life for your pets.

Wild Harvest® Sanded Perch Covers are designed for parakeets, canaries, finches and other small birds. The textured surface encourages healthy nail maintenance for your feathered friend. You can effortlessly help keep your bird’s nails trimmed and neat with these perches. Plus, these replaceable covers fit most 3/8” diameter perches and help make clean-up quick and easy for you.

Perch covers should be replaced weekly or sooner if the cover becomes excessively soiled.

  • FOR SMALL BIRDS: Ideal for parakeets, canaries, finches and other small birds.
  • COVER YOUR BIRD’S PERCH: Helps keep your bird's perch clean when replaced regularly.
  • COARSE GRIT: Helps to keep your pet’s nails neatly trimmed when used regularly.
  • COMPATIBILITY: The perch covers fit 3/8” diameter perches.
  • QUANTITY: 6 perch covers.

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